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The Miami-Dade County Health Department (MDCHD) has served the community since the 1940's under various organizational structures. There are three full service locations, in the North, Central and South regions of the county and six smaller health clinics that serve specific areas. This Health Department has an operating budget of $41.5 million. This budget delivers public health services to over 2 million residents of Miami-Dade County,

The Miami-Dade County Health Department maintains a staff of 864 employees; 777 (85%) are classified as career service positions (the state's civil service system) and 87 (15%) are Other Personnel Services (OPS) employees. The Department's employees are a highly educated group with 34% of the career services employees having completed undergraduate college courses and 22% with graduate level college education. Employee categories include: administrative/clerical (36%), managerial (5%), other professionals (22%), paraprofessionals (7%), physicians (1%), professional health care (22%) and support services (5%).

MDCHD representing the largest population of the 67 county health departments offers the following health services: Disease Control, Chronic Disease Prevention, HIV/AIDS Services, STD Control and Prevention, TB Control and Prevention, Immunizations, Women's Health Program, and Refugee Health Assessment. Its Community Programs include Environmental Health, School Health, Healthy Start, Public Health Nursing, Neighborhood Improvement, Public Health Preparedness, and Consortium of a Healthier Miami-Dade.

Contact information:

Miami-Dade County Health Department (MDCHD),
12330 Quail Roost Drive,
Miami, FL. 33177.
Phone: 305-278-0310.
Fax: 305-278-0339.

Miami-Dade County Health Department,
Office of Epidemiology and Disease Control (OEDC),
8600 NW 17th Street, Suite 200,
Miami, Florida 33126.
Phone: 305-470-5660.
Fax: 305-470-5533.

Miami-Dade County Health Department,
Office of HIV/AIDS Services,
1444 Biscayne Boulevard Suite #350,
Miami, FL. 33124.
Phone: 305-377-5022 .
Fax: 305-377-5108.

Miami-Dade County Health Department,
Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Control and Prevention,
1350 NW 14th St. Building 1. Room 204,
Miami, FL 33125.
Phone: (305) 325-3242.
Fax: (305) 547-1432.

Miami-Dade County Health Department,
Rosi Lee Wesley Clinic,
6601 SW 62nd Ave.,
Miami, FL. 33143.
Phone: 305-669-6909.
Fax number: 305-669-6907.


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